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Metra train fare increase 2 percent

Metra train fare increase 2 percent

October 26, 2015

Metra announced at an Oct. 15 board meeting that its fares would increase by 2 percent in February—significantly less than the previously proposed 5 percent hike by the company.The agency cut costs else...

The college should look to current students in seeking new ones

By Editor-in-Chief

October 5, 2015

As my senior year at Columbia gets underway, it’s hard to believe it has already been four years since I wrote my essay and submitted my application to enroll at the college.Entirely uninterested in attending a state school, I had trouble, as high school came to a close, finding a college that seemed like it might be the right fit for me. What appealed to me most about Columbia—and what I still love today—was the coll...

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