The Columbia Chronicle

Columbia starts hydro farming

By Katy Nielsen

November 29, 2010

Columbia is pushing for more green spaces this year, and the next project includes windowfarms and the possibility of an outdoor garden.Lena Milcarek, senior marketing communication major, presented her video about urban farming at Chicago’s GreenTown Conference 2010. The problem with farming in Chicago is the climate, Milcarek said.“Windowfarming is the answer to growing food in the winter,” she said.Windowfarms use re...

Advertisements should stay on paper, out of mind

By Lauren Kelly

October 5, 2009

As I was riding the Blue Island CTA bus the other day, I heard a loud announcement interrupt the music I was listening to. It wasn’t the usual CTA guy announcing important information about the bus route or a detour, so I took out my headphones to hear what was being said. I was stunned by what I heard. Blaring through the bus was an advertisement promoting the bid for the Olympic Games in Chicago—and it played once eve...

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