The Columbia Chronicle

Women are scientists too

By Heather Scroering

October 1, 2012

More often than not, I find myself saying, “What the hell? It’s 2012,” when I hear some Ann Romney-esque statement hindering the progress of women. I’m sure you’re rolling your eyes right now, thinking, “Great, another feminist argument.” But seriously, it’s 2012, and sorry I’m not sorry for being women-friendly.However, I am sorry to hear that women are underrepresented in one of the most important industries in ex...

First ever Midwest yoga conference

By Lindsey Woods

September 26, 2011

Hundreds of yoga practitioners and instructors from all over the country gathered in the South Loop on Sept. 15 for the opening ceremony of "From the Heartland," an Iyengar yoga conference.This was the first Iyengar yoga conference in the Midwest, according to a "From the Heartland" press release. The four-day event included classes from instructors for all levels of students as well as chanting rooms, dinner circles and a spee...

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