The Columbia Chronicle

What will I do with a writing degree? A lot

By AmberMeade

December 10, 2012

I’ll never forget the first story I wrote as an 18-year-old freshman in the Fiction Writing Department. I had watched “My Own Private Idaho” for the first time, so naturally my piece was about male prostitutes. Despite not knowing what the hell I was doing and being one of the few students in the department who hadn’t grown up consuming literature religiously, it was an exciting time because no topic was untouchabl...

Chicago schools in desperate need of longer school days

By Editorial Board

March 19, 2012

Chicago Public Schools’ battle over a seven-and-a-half-hour school day rages on, and a group of 19th Ward parents and guardians are fighting back.The group has asked the Chicago Board of Education to implement a survey of parents and guardians that would be handed out with their child’s report card asking them how many hours they think their child should spend at school.Parents argue that an across-the-board extension o...

Fake weed, real consequences

By Gregory Cappis

November 28, 2011

Getting high on synthetic marijuana could boost not only your spirits, but also your chance of suffering a heart attack.Dr. Colin Kane, pediatric cardiologist at University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center, studied three cases of teenage boys who all suffered heart attacks after smoking the fake cannabis known as “K2,” “Spice” or herbal incense in early 2011. He said he couldn’t prove that the chemical compo...

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