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Editor's Note: Liar, liar, Facebook is on fire

Editor’s Note: Liar, liar, Facebook is on fire

October 27, 2019

At just 15 years old, the popular social media platform Facebook has died. According to sources close to the company, it died in a fire started by widespread lies. Facebook’s health issues can be trace...

OPINION: Peeping Mark wants Facebook to take over your home

OPINION: Peeping Mark wants Facebook to take over your home

By Alexandra Yetter

October 15, 2018

From the bathroom to the living room, Facebook has invited itself into homes with the Oct. 8 announcement of Portal, a home camera with a built-in microphone designed for easy video calls. The announcement ...

Chicago's Latino Fashion Weeks strives to be inclusive on and off the runway.

Latino Fashion Week takes social activism to Chicago runway

October 8, 2018

Chicago’s Latino Fashion Week will kick off Oct. 11, showcasing unique designs ranging from lacy bridal wear to a collection of 
men’s underwear worn by androgynous models.Latino Fashion Week—...

Unemployment benefits inadequate

April 28, 2014

Despite a 6.7 percent unemployment rate, the country’s long-term unemployment benefits are in flux, causing many Americans to scramble without a livable income. Congress has been slow to respond to the problem, and its latest effort, a five-week extension of long-term unemployment benefits, is a woefully inadequate solution.There are two unemployment categories: short-term, which involves people who have spent at least five weeks lo...

Facebook users willingly giving up right to privacy

By Tyler Davis

November 26, 2012

We’ve all heard the legend of how Facebook started. A young, drunk Mark Zuckerberg created a website in 2003 on which students could rate the hotness of their peers based on photos that weren’t quite public. Fast forward totoday, and Zuckerberg has made billions of dollars from exploiting people’s information.The thing to remember about Facebook, or anything mostly funded by advertising, is that we are a product, not...

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