The Columbia Chronicle

Keep lessons in the classroom

By Brianna Wellen

January 17, 2012

By now, it’s obvious that technology is making strides in college classrooms. Assignments are turned in digitally, top of the line equipment is available for improved educational methods and we’re really only a few steps away from robots taking over all teaching responsibilities.But technology is also making it possible for more students to avoid classrooms altogether. According to a study recently released by the Babs...

Free technical tutorials

By Shardae Smith

November 1, 2010

In October, Columbia announced the offer of free access to the Museum of Contemporary Art for the college. Now, the college is presenting free access to,an online learning website that offers video tutorials on a wide range of computer software.As a joint effort between the college’s Center for Instructional Technology and the Information Technology Department, Columbia students, faculty and staff have full access to the courses the website offers at no ad...

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