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Guest Editor's Note: I am here and queer with  plenty to fear

Guest Editor’s Note: I am here and queer with plenty to fear

October 20, 2019

As reported on Oct. 17 in the Chronicle’s new explainer series, “Chronicle FYI,” the Supreme Court recently heard arguments from three cases about whether or not Title VII of the Civil Rights A...

Caffeine enhances memory, study shows

Caffeine enhances memory, study shows

February 3, 2014

It is not news that caffeine is used as a resource for staying awake and alert. But new findings suggest that it is not just an energy booster—it may also aid memory.According to a study published Jan...

Westboro church’s ignorance not excusable

By Trevor Ballanger

February 20, 2012

I’ve always felt a sense of pride for who I am and where I come from, though at times it wasn’t easy. Some may think that being gay and coming from a highly religious family in southern Iowa would be rough, and they would be right.But in a lot of ways I was luckier than I realized at that time. There has always been a strong support system of friends and family around me, and I’ve never had trouble being protected whe...

Free speech turns deadly

By Luke Wilusz

November 14, 2011

Here in the U.S., we enjoy the privilege of criticizing or speaking out against whomever or whatever we want. We can feel free to decry corruption in our political system and denounce criminal activity and violence in our communities.Unfortunately, our neighbors to the south do not enjoy these same luxuries. Drug cartel-related violence in Mexico has been on the rise recently with a string of high-profile murders targeting...

Gay youth suicides should fuel American wake up call

By Jonathan Allen

October 11, 2010

Tyler Clementi jumped off a bridge. That’s the long and short of it. After his Rutgers University roommate live-streamed gay sex involving Clementi on the Internet using a hidden webcam, Tyler, a closeted student studying music, was so stricken with fear, anger, anxiety and unknown emotions he took his own life. I have always wondered what could drive someone to such an end. Even more devastating, Clementi is one example o...

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