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The Alexandroff family had a long history at Columbia until a position held by Norman Alexandroff, a former library staff member, was terminated at the beginning of the summer.

End of an era: Columbia’s last Alexandroff dismissed

August 20, 2019

When the Fall 2019 semester begins, it will be the first time since 1934 that an Alexandroff is not on Columbia’s payroll. On May 22, Norman Alexandroff, whose last-held position at the college was as a co...

Students and part time faculty protested outside of 600 S. Michigan on day one of a two day strike in December 2017 against the college's decision to raise tuition and unfair contract negotiations.

Some union members feel ‘in the dark,’ others feel administration lacks respect for CFAC

April 16, 2019

With the part-time faculty union prepared to strike amid disagreements with college administration over a new labor contract, some students are upset at the possibility of canceled classes, and some un...

Columbia alumna gives voice, laughs to women of Chicago

Columbia alumna gives voice, laughs to women of Chicago

December 11, 2017

Kelsie Huff, a standup comedian and 2003 theatre alumna, has created a voice for Chicago women in comedy by providing opportunities for women in a typically male-dominated industry. Originally from Richmond, Illinois, Huff came to Columbia to study radio but soon discov...

Do students know what they’re picketing for?

Do students know what they’re picketing for?

December 4, 2017

Though I support the right to lawfully and peacefully protest what groups believe are injustices, as a student, I cannot place my full support behind the Nov. 29–30 part-time faculty union walk-out and strike. During my time at Columbia, I have had many classes taught by adjunct ...

Laurent Pernot, former executive vice chancellor and senior adviser at City Colleges of Chicago, joined Columbia July 5 as the college's new chief of staff. 

Kim appoints new chief of staff

July 13, 2017

President and CEO Kwang-Wu Kim announced his appointment of former Executive Vice Chancellor and Senior Adviser at the City Colleges of Chicago Laurent Pernot as his new chief of staff June 19. Pernot will serve on the president’s cabinet, overseeing all Office of the President ...

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