The Columbia Chronicle

Milo Greene, calm before the storm

By Sophia Coleman

August 7, 2012

It was a hot and sweaty early Saturday afternoon at Lollapalooza in Grant Park when Los Angeles band Milo Greene performed their energizing folky set. But—as locals should’ve anticipated—Mother Nature decided she needed a break from the 100,000 plus concertgoers and cancelled several sets with a flash rainstorm.The five-member band—made up of Robbie Arnett, 27, Andrew Heringer, 27, Graham Fink, 26, Marlana Sheetz, 22, w...

Catholics protest church’s refusal to recognize women’s ordination

By Heather McGraw

April 22, 2011

While some Catholic women have taken on ministerial roles in their church, the Vatican is holding strong to its law that only allows men to be ordained.Protest vigils were held on April 19 as part of a week-long nationwide movement by Catholics who oppose the church’s stance on the issue of women’s ordination. Many of the protests took place outside cathedrals in different cities performing Chrism masses, a ceremony where mal...

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