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Editor's Note: News organizations must use inclusive, accurate language

Editor’s Note: News organizations must use inclusive, accurate language

September 15, 2019

Language defines our values as a society. By utilizing inclusive and accurate words, news organizations can use their weight to shift cultural norms and acceptance in a climate growing more polarize...

OPINION: Language around disability matters

OPINION: Language around disability matters

April 8, 2019

People-first disability language has become standard, which means saying “people with disabilities.” This began as a noble goal: to make derogatory terms unacceptable. Moving toward inclusive ...

Buried languages leave lifelong trace

Buried languages leave lifelong trace

By Assistant Sports & Health Editor and Contributing Writer

December 1, 2014

Languages that people are exposed to at a young age form circuits in the brain that the body does not forget, even if the individual does. The existence of this buried information persists after child...

New administration, new outlook

By Editor-in-chief

September 2, 2014

While new students are entering Columbia to begin their college careersthis semester, so are many new upper-level administrators.Following months of searches, President Kwang-Wu Kim’s cabinet is robust with individuals filling positions that have long been vacant, such as the provost’s, or marred by frequent changeovers, such as the Chief Financial Officer’s. (See the front page story regarding employment for a more compl...

A 3D rendering of a human hyoid bone

Talking in tongues: Science suggests Neanderthals spoke in more than grunts

March 17, 2014

Evidence suggests Neanderthals fashioned primitive tools and weapons, buried their dead, controlled fires and used dyes—but new research shows these tasks may not have been carried out in silence.Analys...

Nutella, originally from Italy, is a connecting centerpiece for Multilingual Connection's Italian lessons.

Nutella Day spreads to Chicago

February 10, 2014

Chocolate and hazelnut will transcend cultural boundaries Feb. 16 from 1 p.m.— 4 p.m. at 2518 W. Armitage Ave.Multilingual Connections will host the Chicago Nutella Day party, a Nutella-themed party with Nutella-inspire...

Top highlights of 2011–2012

By Heather Scroering

April 30, 2012

Blueprint prioritization process:The yearlong prioritization process, which the college implemented last June to re-allocate funds and evaluate the strength of every academic and business program within the college, has been the talk of the campus all year. Two committees of faculty and staff members­—one focusing on academics, the other on business—were created to guide the process. No program escaped scrutiny, as each ...

Speaking the same language

By Katy Nielsen

February 7, 2011

Recent research proves relationship compatibility may be linked to how things are said more than the content of the conversation.A study titled “Language Style Matching Predicts Relationship Initiation and Stability,” published on Dec. 13 in the journal Psychological Science, found the degree to which people subtly match one another’s speaking and writing style affects the success of those relationships.Psychology pro...

FBI raids activists’ homes

By The Columbia Chronicle

October 4, 2010

by: Darryl Holliday and Meghan KeyesIt is 7 a.m. on a Friday morning, and Doug Michel is in Minnesota visiting his friends, whom he met working on a protest at the 2008 Republican National Convention. There’s a knock at the apartment door. The FBI enters, serving a search warrant and a subpoena to one of the roommates, Tracy Molm. By Michel’s account, he and friends were instructed to sit in the corner, asked not to move...

Learning Studio transitions to include more courses

By LauraNalin

September 7, 2009

Enter Columbia’s Learning Studio and look around. Students will see a state-of-the-art facility decorated with soundproof panels, computer pods and dry-erase boards to make their study session more relaxing and enjoyable.Starting this semester, Columbia’s Learning Studio, 618 S. Michigan Ave., will transition into a larger, more interactive community to provide students with a hub to feel comfortable studying while wor...

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