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Second level program rankings complete

By Heather Scroering

February 13, 2012

As the semester zooms further into February, the prioritization process is keeping up the pace as the Support and Operations offices completed the second phase of the Program Information Request rankings.Ranked by the vice presidents of each program, PIRs were scored using the identical criteria to what was used by the associate vice presidents who first ranked the forms, as previously reported by The Chronicle on Jan. 17. ...

Undefeated: Lane’s stock rises to 12th in state

By Nader Ihmoud

January 17, 2012

Lane Tech College Prep High School’s wrestling team’s expectations are on an exponential rise. According to Head Coach Mark Miedona, the team has been building the program and making progress every year, so the outlook comes with the territory.During the 2010–2011 state tournament, the Indians were three points away from defeating Harlem High School of Machesney Park, Ill. The victory would have guaranteed Lane Tech...

Comparing women’s health services: College campuses around Chicago offer varying degrees of health services to women

By Lindsey Woods

December 12, 2011

Students looking at colleges generally consider lengthy lists of criteria they want their prospective school to have, including how well schools accommodate their students. One criterion that may be hard to find is what kind of medical care students have access to and how much that care costs. For women in particular, this may include annual gynecological exams, pregnancy testing and access to birth control and emergency c...

P-Fac voters stay the course

By Samuel Charles

December 6, 2010

Members of Columbia’s adjunct faculty union, P-Fac, showed their satisfaction with current contract negotiations by electing members of the negotiations team to the union’s Steering Committee, further demonstrating the rift between opposing factions within the union itself.Both contract negotiations—one regarding the Photography Department’s controversial course-credit reduction, as well as a 1 percent pay raise—...

Feds rule college erred in labor case

By Samuel Charles

November 8, 2010

by: Sam Charles and Drew HuntThe national Labor Relations Board has officially declared the college to be in direct violation of federal labor laws.Stemming from a decision made in February to reduce four-credit hour classes to three-credit hours in the Photography Department, the Part-Time Faculty Association decided to take action against the college upon being told it would not be consulted in the matter, despite the impact t...

Part-time faculty seeks new leadership

By Drew Hunt

October 31, 2010

While contract negotiations between the college and the Part-Time Faculty Association continue, an election will be held Nov. 19 to appoint new members to the association’s Steering Committee. According to Joseph Laiacona, part-time instructor in the Interactive Arts and Media Department and current vice president of P-Fac, what is normally an intelligible process has been met with contention as he and a group of adjunc...

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