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After three seasons, volleyball team still not set

By Sports & Health Reporter

April 27, 2015

Changes in leadership and a failed attempt to join a competitive league have contributed to a disappointing year on the sidelines for the Renegades volleyball team. The team was unable to play competitively this year. The Renegades joined the co-ed Players Sport and Social Group, but because the season’s first game occurred during Spring Break, the Renegades were no longer eligible to compete, according to Vinny Cavello,  ...


College inches forward in administrative searches

March 30, 2015

Nearly all of Columbia’s top administrators have left the college since President and CEO Kwang-Wu Kim took office in fall 2013.With the March 13 departure of Alicia Berg, former vice president of Campu...

Blago is cautionary tale to voters

By Jonathan Allen

December 12, 2011

Sweet, sweet justice. Rod Blagojevich has been sentenced to 14 years in the Big House. After feebly attempting to sell Obama’s old Senate seat to the highest bidder, two drawn out court cases that were nationally drooled over by the 24-hour news cycle finally came to a close and a sentence was made. I will personally be passing around a petition to have his head shaved as part of the sentence.But let’s take a step back a...

Job search: Plan your attack!

By Katy Nielsen

November 15, 2010

College seniors: Put on your battle gear, man your stations and lock and load your weapons. Soon you will step into the workforce battlefield, and now is the time to launch your job search campaign. Finding work in creative industries can be tricky, but Columbia offers students a wide range of resources to help guide them.Christie Andersen, career development specialist at Columbia’s Portfolio Center, said students should t...

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