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Student’s big idea creates Big Ideas Columbia

Senior public relations major Kathryn Walters, along with the Office of Student Communications, organized Big Ideas Columbia, an event for students to learn what it means to be successful during and after college.

By Senior Campus Reporter

February 23, 2015

The office of Student Communications is teaming up with senior public relations major Kathryn Walters to produce Big Ideas Columbia. Big Ideas Columbia will be held Feb. 26 from 4–6 p.m. at Film Row ...

'One century minus a baker's dozen:' Finding the forest for the trees in the translation of literature

‘One century minus a baker’s dozen:’ Finding the forest for the trees in the translation of literature

November 17, 2014

“Fourscore and seven years ago” is a phrase every American knows. Abraham Lincoln began his Gettysburg Address to a war-weary crowd of Pennsylvanians with those five words on a Thursday afternoon in Novembe...

Happily unhealthy: A case study of sports fans

By Lindsey Woods

April 30, 2012

The fragrant, distinct smell of spicy buffalo wings, the familiar crack of a beer being opened, face paint and foam fingers can only mean one thing: It’s game time.The game day activities many fans relish are undoubtedly unhealthy, but new research published in The Sport Journal suggests that poor eating and drinking habits may extend beyond game day.According to the study co-authored by Daniel Sweeney, a professor at the ...

Tea Party rallies for fall elections

By Tim Shaunnessey

April 23, 2012

The Democratic Party was in the crosshairs when the Chicago Tea Party mobilized April 16 to speak its mind.The Tea Party held its fourth annual Tax Day rally at Daley Plaza on the corner of Washington and Dearborn streets. The gathering featured a number of speakers expressing their discontent with the work of the Democrats and rallying support for conservative efforts in thiselection year.Tea Party supporters carried sign...

Birth control battle

By Emily Fasold

April 23, 2012

While the first wave of feminism in the early 20th century was aimed at gaining the right to vote, the current generation of American women has struggled to achieve full insurance coverage for pregnancy, birth control, emergency contraception and other women’s health care issues. Up until now, that is.After fierce negotiation, President Barack Obama’s administration and the Department of Health and Human Services announ...

Discussing baseball with Bowman

By Lindsey Woods

April 16, 2012

If there is one sports team at Columbia that students know, it’s the baseball team. Mark Kelly, vice president of Student Affairs, has been known to bring up the Renegades baseball team during freshman tours and orientation speeches, never forgetting to mention the championship they won in 2004.Despite its relative anonymity, the team still plays and has just started its spring season. Although The Renegades lost their o...

Chicagoans well-being should come before tourism

By Editorial Board

April 16, 2012

Mayor Rahm Emanuel wants to put Chicago on the map. He announced April 5 that the city’s Convention and Tourism Bureau will open new offices in Brazil, Germany and Japan July 1, in an effort to drastically increase international tourism to the city. Emanuel has set a goal of 50 million visitors by 2020 and said Chicago will host the U.S. Travel Association’s International Pow Wow in 2014.Increased tourism to Chicago, e...

Crisis responses warrant society’s outrage not unemployment

By Meghan Keyes

March 28, 2011

Japan was hit with a 9.0 earthquake on March 11, leaving more than 6,911 people dead and nearly 10,316 unaccounted for, as of press time. There is no way to diminish the tragedy affecting the Japanese people, although those speaking out against it are trying.Much of the media’s attention was focused on the “disparaging” tweets of Gilbert Gottfried, a comedian and the voice of Aflac’s duck mascot. Gottfried posted jokes ...

Post-traumatic stress in Japan

By Stephanie Saviola

March 28, 2011

In the wake of the crises Japan faced throughout the last weeks, including a tsunami, earthquake, flooding, fires and a high risk of radiation exposure, more than a half-a-million people are severely injured or displaced, now living in shelters.On top of this triple-crisis the country experienced, victims might be at risk for something far more severe. Some medical experts are now saying the fear and stress instilled inJapanese citizens will be more damaging than th...

Nuclear concerns highlighted

By Heather McGraw

March 28, 2011

Japan’s dire nuclear situation has many Americans concerned about the state of nuclear power in the U.S., causing a surge in preventative medication purchases and re-evaluation of the country’s nuclear energy needs.When Japan was hit with a 9.0 magnitude earthquake on March 11, it caused a fatal tsunami and shifted the tectonic plates, moving Japan 13 feet closer to the U.S. These natural phenomena caused the nuclear react...

Pay attention to the world around you

By BenitaZepeda

March 28, 2011

It seems that as technology advances, people want information to be available quicker and through several different mediums. Smartphones, wireless Int-ernet, iPods, iPads, etc, have all made this possible. Many people in society are literally walking around with miniature computers in their pockets.Since we have access to so much information, it is even more important for people to take responsibility for keeping track of wh...

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