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How To: Blog

By Dannis Valera

November 5, 2012

Blogging has become a staple of our social media-crazy society. Anyone can do it and everyone has thought up of every kind of blog. But what can you do to make sure your blogging efforts are a success? The Chronicle sat down with Blogging: Beyond the Basics instructors Sharon Bloyd-Peshkin and Sal Barry to see what tips they had to survive in the blog-o-sphere.

Checks? Balances? Nope.

By Luke Wilusz

April 2, 2012

A Senator has openly argued against President Barack Obama’s position regarding the international Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement. The treaty would implement an international copyright enforcement policy that could include border searches, criminal prosecution for violators and statutory monetary damages to be awarded to copyright holders.On March 20, Sen. Ron Wyden (D-Ore.) released a statement saying the administrati...

The art of death

By Trevor Ballanger

March 12, 2012

by Trevor BallangerAssistant Arts & Culture EditorThe rooms are filled with blank eyes staring from all around you. A large chandelier made entirely of bones bathes the space with an eerie glow. A powerful sense of death closes in, but the fear subsides.This is “Morbid Curiosity: The Richard Harris Collection,” an all but living art exhibition.A year ago, more than 1,500 prints, sculptures and memorabilia were loane...

Take action against ACTA

By Luke Wilusz

January 30, 2012

While the U.S. congress’ Stop Online Piracy Act and Protect Intellectual Property Act were successfully halted in the past few weeks, threats to free speech, privacy and an open Internet are still very real and on a larger scale than those two bills. The Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement, a treaty that aims to establish a strong international network of copyright enforcement regulations, has been gaining support from countries acr...

MPAA’s blackout criticism a complete joke

By Luke Wilusz

January 23, 2012

Wikipedia, Reddit and hundreds of other websites participated in a massive Internet blackout Jan. 18 to protest the Stop Online Piracy Act and the Protect Intellectual Property Act, which would effectively allow the U.S. government to censor the Internet and take down websites without due process. The sites went offline for a day and were replaced with notices meant to inform visitors about the bills and raise awareness a...

Slippery censorship slope

By Luke Wilusz

October 31, 2011

The U.S. House of Representatives proposed legislation on Oct. 26 that would boost the Justice Department’s authority to censor websites that illegally host or distribute copyrighted material. While it’s good that the government is protecting intellectual property, and I agree that artists deserve to be recognized—and more importantly, paid for their work—the wording of the proposed “Stop Online Piracy Act” is far too...

Internet censorship a serious offense in any nation

By Luke Wilusz

February 7, 2011

Egyptian president Hosni Mubarak’s regime shut down Internet access, mobile phone service and BlackBerry Messenger activity across the country on Jan. 27, in an attempt to stifle communications between anti-government protesters and activists in the country. If the millions of rioters who took to the streets of Egypt in the following days are any indication, that plan didn’t work as well as Mubarak might have expected.I...

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