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David Jordan (Jake Gyllenhaal) in Columbia Pictures' LIFE.

Jake Gyllenhaal gives new perspective on ‘LIFE’

March 27, 2017

Six crew members board the International Space Station as they set out to discover extraterrestrial life on Mars but encounters a form of life that threatens the crew and all existence on Earth.“LIFE,...

Residents, commuters talk Red Line extension

Residents, commuters talk Red Line extension

November 7, 2016

South Side residents have expressed concerns about how the Chicago Transit Authority’s Red Line expansion will affect their homes and businesses, as the multi-billion-dollar project extends the line ...

TOMS Chicago, 1611 N. Damen Ave., is the shoe, eyewear and coffee roasting company’s fourth U.S. retail location.

TOMS struts into Wicker Park

December 8, 2014

More than 100 people attended the opening of the new TOMS retail location on Dec. 3 in Wicker Park, 1611 N. Damen Ave.Blake Mycoskie founded TOMS in 2006, creating a shoe line that was based off of the c...

Parlor Pizza Bar all identity, little substance

Parlor Pizza Bar all identity, little substance

October 27, 2014

Whether it is Gino’s East or Pizzeria Uno, Chicago is a city known for its pizza. The city’s signature deep-dish style put Chicago on the map as a top destination for the cheesy delicacy. But not every ...

An Oct. 8 presentation was held at Ferguson Hall, 600 S. Michigan, for Columbia students.

NASA discusses future goals

October 13, 2014

As the 15th annual World Space Week came to a close, Columbia students gathered at Ferguson Hall in the 600 S. Michigan Ave. Building on Oct. 8 for a presentation on NASA’s new Orion spacecraft. Linda Singleton, senior communications manager of Lockheed Martin, and Kay Anderson, ...

Astronauts' hearts take on spherical shape

Astronaut hearts shift in microgravity

April 14, 2014

According to recent findings, astronauts experiencing lengthy stays outside Earth’s gravity experience a change of heart—a shape shift to be exact.A March 29 study presented to the American College o...

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