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Seven Harry Potter books in just 70 minutes

By Dannis Valera

November 26, 2012

70 minutes, seven Harry Potter books. This is the tagline of Potted Potter, a parody of the Harry Potter series by former BBC TV hosts Daniel Clarkson and Jefferson Turner.The parody duo first met in 2005 when Clarkson needed a partner to do a show for the midnight launch of the sixth book—the first five books in five minutes. He found Turner as he was performing on the streets of London.“That’s the kind of style I wa...

Virtue, brewmaster Greg Hall’s next venture

By Sophia Coleman

November 29, 2011

Finding a good craft beer in the city is easy. Sipping fine wines at a local cafe is not a huge feat either. But when searching for a tasty hard cider, one may be left drinking apple-juice concentrate with a sour face.The search may soon be over, thanks to Greg Hall, who has made it his mission to bring quality hard cider to Chicago, the rest of the Midwest and his new brewery, Virtue. He doesn’t only want to give people’s t...

Urban Dolorosa

By Brent Lewis

November 9, 2011

Urban Dolorosa is a multimedia ceremony to honor the school age children and teenagers that were killed by violence over the past 3 school years in Chicago. The ceremony took place in 5 locations throughout the city and brought together all groups of people to honor those they have lost to violence. Urban Dolorosa included a musical choir, poetry and photographs. The piece brought out many individuals to pay their respects incl...

Season change brings fall tastes to tables

By J_Howard

October 6, 2010

The change from summer to autumn brings more than just cool weather and colorful leaves; it’s also time for Chicago restaurants to introduce some of their fall foods, bringing warmth and comfort to the table.Fall foods tend to include produce like pumpkin, apple and squash with spices to complement them. This season, local restaurants and home cooks are putting a new spin on traditional autumn foods.“People are experimenting mo...

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