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Celebration commemorates faculty work, honors deceased faculty

By Dyana Daniels

March 11, 2018

Since its start two years ago, Columbia’s annual publication celebration has become essential to the faculty who participate. Members of the full- and part-time faculty and their families and friends met Feb. 28 at 600 S. Michigan Ave. to recognize the written work of faculty collegewide.More than 60 staff members submitted work for the event, which was organized by the Office of Research and Development. The works we...

Columbia alumnus takes on Spielberg in new book

Columbia alumnus takes on Spielberg in new book

March 4, 2018

Columbia alumnus Michael Jolls takes a critical look at “The Films of Steven Spielberg,” in his second book, a complex examination of the renowned director’s life and body of work. Jolls, a produ...

Faculty Senate met Nov. 11 to discuss how to support students struggling with election outcomes and progress made on the Graduate School proposal.

Senators discuss politics in classrooms, graduate school progress

November 14, 2016

Columbia’s Faculty Senate met for the first time following the presidential election, at which  the top of the agenda was how the college will support students struggling with the results. Greg Foster-Rice, Faculty Senate president and associate professor in the Photography Depa...

Astronomer ties art inspiration to cosmological data

By Campus Reporter

September 26, 2016

An immense telescope being built in the Cerro Pachón Mountains of Chile, which will house the world’s largest digital camera and gather about 20 terabytes of data per night, was the subject of a colloquium arranged by the Science & Mathematics Department Sept. 21.The main functions of the Large Synoptic Survey Telescope outlined in the presentation, held at the Ferguson Auditorium in the 600 S. Michigan Ave. Buildi...

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