The Columbia Chronicle

One person’s bedroom, another person’s vintage haven

By HermineBloom

October 12, 2009

Most women recruit their closest girlfriends for a bucket of chocolate chip ice cream and a night of watching The Notebook after the demise of their long-term relationships. Others, namely Christine Bejasa, take a more proactive approach when it comes to post break-up recovery.Bejasa, a Columbia alumna, rounded up two of her closest girlfriends to transform her ex’s old bedroom in their once-shared Pilsen apartment into an af...

Chicago’s Haymarket Center

By Jody Warner

September 22, 2008

Gregory Thompson is in stage three on his recovery at Haymarket Center, 120 North Sangamon. Haymarket Center is a Chicago drug and alcohol rehabilitation facility. Staff and clients are reeling from financial cuts by Gov. Rod Blagojevich that cause the Center to turn away more than 200 clients each day and lay off 40 percent of the staff. Thompson, seen here sitting on the bed he occupied during his recovery, is a recovering c...

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