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“Unbroken: Art After Injury” honors Spinal Cord Awareness Month at the Next Door Cafe, 659 W. Diversey Parkway.

Artists conquer physical limitations

September 15, 2014

When a stray bullet paralyzed Mariam Paré 17 years ago, she thought her artistic career was over.But Paré, along with Kennedy N’ganga, Amanda Barnes and Jenni Kostanski, is a featured artist in the exh...

Brenton Thwaites and Odeya Rush talk “The Giver”

Brenton Thwaites and Odeya Rush talk

By Managing Editor

August 15, 2014

Despite taking 20-years to make, “The Giver,” a film based off Lois Lowry’s critically acclaimed novel of the same name, will open in theatres Friday, Aug. 15.“The Giver” follows a community ...

Equal pay a civil right

May 12, 2014

The economy is slowly improving, but not everyone’s paychecks reflect that. On average, women are paid 77 cents for every dollar the average man makes, a ridiculously backward standard that needs to be remedied if the country is truly going to recover economically.President Barack Obama has increased his scrutiny of income disparity in the last six months, pressuring Congress to pass legislation that would strengthen the U.S. E...

Ayodele Drum & Dance

Dancing with purpose

May 12, 2014

With the goal of empowering women through dance, a group of strong female dancers banded together in 2007 to create their own nonprofit African dance company. Under the guidance of Tosha Alston, artist...

of Montreal

Of Montreal standing strong

May 12, 2014

Like The Beatles on acid, of Montreal is simultaneously jarring yet soothing, acting as a curious vessel for the meandering and shocking narratives frontman Kevin Barnes delivers in his trademark murm...

Royal de Luxe, a French street theater company, is in talks to bring its unique puppet performance to Chicago in 2016. Its puppets include a giant sea diver, pictured above, and a huge female child.

Rahm pulls strings

May 12, 2014

City officials are reportedly pulling some strings to bring gigantic puppets to Chicago.Mayor Rahm Emanuel is currently negotiating a multimillion dollar deal with Royal de Luxe, a French street performa...

Gender-specific colleges should be gender inclusive

May 5, 2014

As American society slowly becomes more inclusive of the LGBTQ community, the inevitable conflicts between existing policies and personal needs will arise. In the case of gender-specific colleges, the struggle is how and when to admit transgender students.While women’s colleges may have reservations about admitting someone outside the biological definition of female, there should be a place for transgender women because they ...

All in for Aldridge

Ihmoud's Moods

By Media Relations Editor

April 28, 2014

The 2006 NBA draft still haunts me, and the nightmares have been recently revived because of Portland Trail Blazers power forward LaMarcus Aldridge’s outstanding play during the first two games of the We...

Dopey DeMarco shows depth

Indie rocker Mac DeMarco charms the crowd at the Empty Bottle, 1035 N. Western Ave., with his talent April 2.

By Brandon Howard

April 7, 2014

The last time Mac DeMarco played at The Empty Bottle, 1035 N. Western Ave, was in July 2013. At the time, the young Canadian lo-fi indie rocker was just finishing recording his new album Salad Days, releas...

Programming boot camp uses retroactive payments to motivate instructors

By Hallie Zolkower-Kutz

March 22, 2013

Near the coast in San Francisco, a class of 30 twenty-somethings hunch over fully-loaded Mac computers, completing assignments for their free nine-week programming boot camp called App Academy.The program, which started in summer 2012, doesn't remain free, however. The students may complete an App Academy session for a $3,000 refundable placeholder fee, provided they pay 15 percent of their first year's salary once they get a job i...

Studies suggest link between plastics and obesity

By Hallie Zolkower-Kutz

January 28, 2013

A link between obesity and exposure to chemicals found in some plastics has been documented in several recent animal studies, including one released Jan. 15 by the University ofCalifornia, Irvine.The studies, most performed on mice, examined the effect of obesogens—chemicals in the environment that are foreign to the body that can affect how it metabolizes fat—as well as other chemicals that disrupt the endocrine system, ...

Game theory informs epidemic behavior

By Hallie Zolkower-Kutz

January 28, 2013

As Chicagoans battle this year’s flu season, researchers at Wake Forest University in North Carolina have been studying why some people get flu shots and others don’t, using unusual methodology: online gaming.The study examined the decision-making process behind getting a flu shot as well as the factors that dissuade people from doing so. According to Brian Richardson, director of public affairs at the Chicago Departme...

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