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Brining a love story to life

By Trevor Ballanger

April 16, 2012

Imagine waking up on a beach, wet, covered in sand and hearing the sweeping waves of the ocean crash ashore. In a daze, you realize you are lost. Then a face comes into focus in the glittering sun. It’s a stranger, a beautiful woman, saving you from the wreckage in which you arrived. Then a film director yells, “Cut!” and it’s a wrap for the day.That’s the magic of the movies—the ability to transport viewers in...

Columbia students take advantage of “crowdfunding” sites

By Dannis Valera

April 9, 2012

Recently, more and more people have been using "crowdfunding" sites like Kickstarter and Indiegogo to help fund creative projects. These sites, by creating a campaign page and video, help gather donations from anyone who has access to these sites. Many Columbia students have taken advantage of this new and innovative way of funding and aren't doing too bad, either.

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