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High school and college students as well as parents turned up in droves to stand for safety in schools and elimination of gun violence.

March For Our Lives — 85,000 assemble in Union Park

April 2, 2018

At only five years old, Eduardo Medel began to notice gun violence in his South Side community. While he remembers how Fourth of July filled the night sky with bright lights, he also recalls abrupt flashin...

Illegal gun trading is not a right

May 9, 2016

Legislation that was due to be introduced in the Illinois House the week of May 2 could significantly decrease illegal gun sales and trade in Illinois, according to an April 28 Chicago Tribune article.The legislation is backed by Democrats in the Illinois House and Gabby Giffords, a former Arizona Congresswoman who survived a 2011 assassination attempt and is now a major advocate for restrictions on gun trade and sales. It is...

The Harold Ramis Film School will teach students to create comic film and video.

Second City film school to emphasize humor in filmmaking

February 22, 2016

The Second City will be adding the Harold Ramis Film School—the world’s first comedy-focused filmmaking program, which opens in September 2016—to its newly constructed training center. The film schoo...

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