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Nearly 200 Chicagoans came out to support the Back the Blue rally, many holding American flags in support of American law enforcement.

‘Black Lives Matter’ counter-protest causes friction with ‘Blue Lives Matter’ demonstration

July 26, 2020

Separated by a metal fence and a line of police officers with bikes, Blue Lives Matter and Black Lives Matter demonstrators came to a standstill in the South Loop Saturday. Blue Lives protesters—many ...

Statues depicting historical figures such as Christopher Columbus are being removed across the country in the wake of protests part of the Black Lives Matter movement.

Grant Park Advisory Council establishes subcommittee to review statues and monuments

July 15, 2020

Amid the recent discourse surrounding statues and monuments memorializing controversial historical figures in public spaces, several statues have been removed by governing bodies or knocked down by ci...

Quidditch tournament ends with two losses, one win for Columbia

By Katy Duffy

March 8, 2018

Seven Columbia students sat crouched on one knee in front of a set of three hoops in Grant Park. When the whistle was blown, they began to run toward the center of the field while tucking a thin pole between their legs as the Quidditch game kicked off.Columbia's Renegades Quidditch team played a three-game tournament March 2 with losses against Loyola University Lumos Quidditch and Chicago United Quidditch Club, and a win a...

Open dialogue needed to improve campus security

By Editorial Board

December 4, 2017

Two Columbia students became victims in one of five robberies in Grant Park in the span of two weeks on Nov. 22. Just a day earlier, the intersection of Michigan Avenue and Congress Parkway was the scene of a police chase that ended in a crash. In the last year, Columbia students have had to confront safety issues on multiple occasions. In fall 2016, a string of laptop thefts in campus buildings had many students looking...

Ian Rosenberger, founder of the comapany Thread International, talked about his company and how they help third world countries such as Haiti recycle and turn those products into clothing material, all the while helping give jobs to workers in those countries. 1104 S. Wabash, Nov. 28.

Students learn about eco-friendly fashion solutions

December 4, 2017

The fashion industry is all about beauty, but its effect on the environment is anything but, according to fashion industry experts. Eco Fabric Seminar, held by the Fashion Studies Department on Nov. 28, featured industry professionals speaking about the importance of using recycl...

Nikolas Hoover, sophomore theatre and fashion studies double major, said he is impressed with the way Columbia has dealt with the Grant Park attacks, even though he did not report it to campus security. 

Campus security on guard after Grant Park attacks

December 4, 2017

While taking a nightly walk in Grant Park Nov. 12, sophomore theatre and fashion studies double major, Nikolas Hoover and his two friends were robbed. Hoover does not know how many perpetrators were in the group, but the individual who robbed him did not use force or weapons, he ...

It’s time to teach LGBTQ history

It’s time to teach LGBTQ history

September 25, 2017

California’s Fair, Accurate, Inclusive and Respectful Education Act was passed during the 2011–2012 school year and requires the state’s public schools to teach LGBTQ-inclusive history. However,...

Chicago Alliance Against Sexual Exploitation educator Milton Coronado spoke about the young men who have changed their negative attitudes toward women after taking his course during the April 10 “Let’s Talk About Sex” assembly.  

Students talk sex safety during college assembly

April 17, 2017

Columbia should send an annual email to students solely devoted to basic information about Title IX, said two student speakers at a college assembly in honor of Sexual Awareness Month. Panelists, sophomore journalism major Mia DiSanto and junior theatre major Natalie Toland, discuss...

“The Artists Monument” is made of two enamel-filled etched acrylics on plywood mounted on two steel shipping containers with almost 400,000 names of artists known and unknown.

Artists leave mark in Grant Park

February 1, 2016

Chicago is already home to hundreds of artists, but nearly 400,000 more may soon join the city—at least in name.Tony Tasset, an artist and professor in the University of Illinois at Chicago’s Art Dep...

Wabash Arts Corridor goes WAC with new color

September 14, 2015

Students will notice new color and vibrancy across campus, as several new murals now line Wabash Avenue between East Van Buren Street and Roosevelt Road. Various artists, including Columbia alumni, ha...

New Student Convocation 2015 at Grant Park | The Columbia Chronicle

September 8, 2015

New Student Convocation welcomed the college’s new and transfer students at Grant Park on Sept. 4 with live music, food, games and of course Vice President of Student Success Mark Kelly’s “Hell ...

Traveling art project inspires artists

Jeroen Smeets, founder of The Jaunt, posing with portrait piece being displayed at the Vertical Gallery. 

By Ariel Parrella-Aureli, Arts & Culture Reporter

September 8, 2015

Artists seeking inspiration from abroad who want to travel for free can now do so through a newly launched art project called The Jaunt. The project, founded in 2013 by Jeroen Smeets, the project...

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