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Gov. Bruce Rauner asks the general assembly to not give up on creating a bipartisan and balanced budget at State of the State address Jan. 25.

Gov. Rauner calls for bipartisanship in State of the State address

January 25, 2017

Though governors normally use their state of the state address to highlight their accomplishments in the previous year and announce new agendas and initiatives for the upcoming year, Gov. Bruce Rauner hi...

The Lakeside Pride Jazz Orchestra will perform “¡En Fuego!”on Oct. 8 at Seven Nightclub and Lounge, 3206 N. Halsted St.

Jazz orchestra lights up Chicago remembering the Great Fire

October 3, 2016

Nearly 150 years after one of Chicago’s greatest tragedies, the Lakeside Pride Jazz Orchestra will honor the Oct. 8 anniversary of the Chicago Fire while also celebrating the city’s LGBT youth.The per...

The Rev. Jesse Jackson.

Illinois college students may be forced to drop out

February 1, 2016

College students across Illinois may face an academic halt if Gov. Bruce Rauner refuses to pass the education bill that would allow students who rely on state-funded aid to continue their education.  Col...

Fans question Beyoncé’s LGBT community support

By Managing Editor

November 9, 2015

Voters in Houston failed to approve a proposed equal rights ordinance Nov. 3 that would have marked an LGBT victory in the state of Texas.The Houston Equal Rights Ordinance  (HERO) would have prohibited discrimination based on a number of characteristics, including sexual orientation and gender identity. However, the bill failed to pass after 62 percent of the public voted against it.Opponents of gay marriage used fear tact...

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