The Columbia Chronicle

Election Rundown: 2nd Ward aldermanic race

By Darryl Holliday

January 29, 2011

A historic election will take place in Chicago on Feb. 22 that could alter the city up to the highest levels of government. According to the Chicago Board of Elections, the races for mayor, alderman, city clerk and city treasurer have drawn the highest number of candidates on record.“This will be the beginning of the post-[Mayor Richard M.] Daley era, which means a fundamental change in politics and government,” said Dick...

Jared Hess’ style holds true in new movie

By David Orlikoff

November 23, 2009

Writer and director Jared Hess’ first feature film, Napoleon Dynamite, had a very modest opening weekend with just six theaters making more than $100,000. Yet for some reason, it remained in theaters for an incredible 241 days.How the film became so ubiquitous is a question for history.  As universities are now offering classes in “The Simpsons,” maybe a decade will give rise to some exploration of the cult of weird He...

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