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‘Lady Doritos’ another example of distasteful gendered products

‘Lady Doritos’ another example of distasteful gendered products

By Savannah Eadens

February 10, 2018

Women are asking for equal pay, reproductive freedom and an end to workplace discrimination and harassment. The world is hearing these requests, but “Lady Doritos” and other ridiculous gender-specific produc...

Initiative benefits students across gender spectrum

September 14, 2015

Columbia is known by its students for its diversity and inclusiveness—a reputation the college will strengthen this fall as the Office of Multicultural Affairs launches its Gender Inclusive Initiative across campus.Some parts of the initiative existed prior to this academic year, such as allowing informal name change requests and providing a limited number of all-gender restrooms on campus, but the initiative will expand tho...

There are currently 18 buildings on campus with all-gender restrooms, according the college’s website 

Students: ‘Gender Initiative a step in the right direction’

September 14, 2015

“Hello my name is Arley, my pronouns are they/them/theirs,” reads a poster that now hangs in several Columbia buildings. The hanging of these posters is one of many actions being taken by the O...

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