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Documentary 'hillbilly' challenges media cliches

Documentary ‘hillbilly’ challenges media cliches

April 23, 2019

In the media, a hillbilly is often portrayed as someone who is unintelligent, missing teeth, always barefoot and who speaks with a thick accent. In the documentary, "hillbilly," co-director Ash...

Students rebrand, colorize South Loop

By Lisa Schulz

April 9, 2012

As soon as Alderman Robert Fioretti (2nd Ward) gives the green light, color-coded banners designed by Columbia students will hang from South Loop street poles to distinctively illuminate a path alongseven neighborhoods.Rebranding downtown neighborhoods began with a request from the Greater South Loop Association as part of the city’s ward redistricting process. Former students began the project in fall 2011 in instructo...

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