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International Women's Day concert GLRZ WKND featured a showcase of upcoming female talent in Chicago.

GRLZ WKND concert celebrates female empowerment at Avondale Music Hall

March 22, 2020

After a successful EP release party last November with her friend and fellow musician Tmuny, King Inesse, a 20-year-old DJ and YouTuber from the North Side, knew she wanted to take it a step further...

‘Wrestfriends’ makes a space for female fans to share their love for wrestling

November 13, 2019

There are not many women who rule the wrestling fandom, but two local women are using their social media platform to promote their passion. Last November, cousins Teti Chavez and Columbia alumna Iridian F...

Student Government Association’s all-female executive board reflected on what their proudest female moments are and who their female role models are in celebration of March as Women’s History Month.

Leading Ladies of SGA

March 15, 2019

The phrase “girls supporting girls” has never been more true than in the all-female Student Government Association executive board. “The world today—they’re scared of [having] women lea...

Festival to show the ‘Future is Female’

Festival to show the ‘Future is Female’

March 6, 2017

Empowered women will be taking the stage throughout March, but instead of celebrating women’s history, they will be celebrating the future.The month-long Future is Female Festival will be hosted in 18 diffe...

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