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Participation low in ‘mandatory’ sexual misconduct webinar

September 28, 2015

Near the end of the Spring 2015 Semester, the college launched “Think About It,” a mandatory webinar addressing on-campus sexual misconduct that students were instructed to complete by May 30. Si...

Students should pay attention to prioritization

By Brianna Wellen

January 24, 2012

Terms such as Program Information Requests, listening forums and priority ranking may sound foreign to Columbia students. However, they are terms that are currently shaping the future of the college. Columbia is in the midst of a prioritization process that is placing every aspect of the college under the microscope. While the process seems tedious and perhaps boring on the surface, it’s worth students’ time to pay att...

Bare naked advertising

By Katy Nielsen

November 8, 2010

A picture on campus is creating a controversy, but mostly because someone literally did not read the writing on the wall. Provvidenza Catalano, junior double major in theater and marketing communication, plays the lead role in “Fat Pig,” a play by Neil LaBute, and posed nude for the poster advertising the show.“The picture could be very positive for people to see,” Catalano said.According to Catalano, she has never ...

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