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Hillary in 2016 would ensure equality for all

By Sports & Health Reporter

April 27, 2015

The last time a Clinton was in office, the economy was booming, public debt was decreasing, unemployment was at its second-lowest in 30 years and the crime rate was at a 26-year low. Although Bill won’t be on the presidential ballot in 2016, his inspirational wife Hillary will be. Clinton announced her second bid for president on April 12 after two years of speculation and rumors. While many were quick to denounce her and her cam...

YouTube videos portray binge drinking as humor, not reality

YouTube videos portray binge drinking as humor, not reality

March 9, 2015

In the millennial era, many are not surprised that portrayals of youth in the media tend to include the element of excessive alcohol consumption when the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention repo...

Risky drinking habits prevalent among young adults

Binge Drinking

By Assistant Sports & Health Editor

December 8, 2014

It is common for young adults to first experiment with alcohol in their college years, but given the stresses that come with the transition to college and their newfound freedom, those students are at risk o...

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