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AP/CDC, Frank Augstein, Ng Han Guan

Coronavirus epidemic is fueling discrimination toward Chinese students

February 17, 2020

When  Anna Lee Ackermann, a junior interdisciplinary documentary major, was taking the Red Line, she noticed a middle-aged man staring at her from the other side of the train car. “I was trying to mind ...

Bowl of Dust is “occupying” your ears

By Amanda Murphy

January 30, 2012

Many people wouldn’t look at losing their job as a good thing. But Kyle Klipowicz, frontman for the band Bowl of Dust, said it was really the starting point for the group. Going on its second year, the band has experienced success with the release of its debut EP, “Sour Mash.” Consisting of Klipowicz as guitarist and vocalist, Brian Lewis-Jones on trombone, the mysterious Johnny D playing upright bass and Kyle Drouin con...

Do you hang with big eaters?

By J_Howard

November 15, 2010

Obesity has been epidemic in the United States for years. Recent statistics show obesity rates continue to rise even with fitnesspromotions everywhere.According to a study published in the PLoS Computational Biology journal on Nov. 4, obesity rates will hit 42 percent of all Americans by 2050. Moreover, our susceptibility to obesity is influenced by people around us. The study examined individuals who were measured every ...

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