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Letter to the Editor: Chicago wouldn’t be Chicago without engineers and they need our support

Letter to the Editor: Chicago wouldn’t be Chicago without engineers and they need our support

October 16, 2019

Chicago is home to some of America’s greatest achievements in architecture and design. The Tribune Tower, One Illinois Center, The Wrigley Building, Millennium Park, the Chicago Riverwalk and Maggie...

Soundscape Studios, 2510 W. Chicago Ave., offers recording, mixing and mastering access to musicians and artists.

DIY recording’s impact on musicians, engineering process

February 5, 2018

Traditional recording studios, filled with high-priced analog equipment and veteran engineers, are becoming a dying breed because of widespread availability of personal recording equipment. In response to...

Chicagoans’ health problems vary by neighborhood

Chicagoans’ health problems vary by neighborhood

By Jackie Murray

April 3, 2017

Select Chicago neighborhoods are not receiving equal access to healthcare, resulting in neglect of residents’ health  needs, according to March 23 Sinai Community Health study.“Health equity is abo...

Get out there and vote

By Tyler Davis

November 6, 2012

Regardless of what “that guy” in your LAS course says, voting does matter.The voter turnout is expected to be high this year. High by recent American standards, which means it probably won’t get past 60 percent. Turnout in 2008 was 56.8 percent, and according to an Oct. 29  Pew poll, voters are as highly engaged this election cycle as they were then."While turnout forecasts are very difficult, the level of engagement at this point in the campaign suggests that a relatively h...

New app can detect vital signs using iPhone camera

By Lindsey Woods

October 17, 2011

A team of biomedical engineers have developed a smartphone app that can track vital signs, such as heart rate, through the use of built-in mobile phone cameras.Although the app isn’t scheduled to hit markets until the end of the year, Ki Chon, professor and head of biomedical engineering at Worcester Polytechnic Institute, located in Massachusetts, said it will be marketed mostly to medical professionals. He said apps related...

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