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Mayor Lori Lightfoot (center) announced Friday that former chief of the Los Angeles Police Department Charlie Beck (right) would take over as police superintendent following the retirement of Eddie Johnson (left).

Editorial: Characteristics for a successful new police superintendent

November 14, 2019

Eddie Johnson announced his retirement as CPD superintendent. It came only weeks after Johnson launched an investigation into himself following an incident where he was found sleeping in his car after...

Chicago wants to ‘dump Trump’

October 29, 2019

After weeks of protests surrounding immigration reform, abortion access, climate action and a Chicago Teachers Union strike, President Donald Trump brought his vitriolic campaign to Chicago, bringing even mo...

Proposed LGBT history bill triggers controversy

Proposed LGBT history bill triggers controversy

By Blaise Mesa

April 22, 2018

Elementary school students could soon learn about LGBT history if legislation to incorporate the subject into public school classes is approved. Introduced Feb. 16 by state Sen. Heather Steans, D-Chi...

CPD Superintendent Eddie Johnson discusses gun violence reductions at an April 10 Chicago City Club meeting, 111 W. Grand Avenue. 

Superintendent Johnson: CPD will continue technology programs, training reforms

April 16, 2018

Following a historic period of violence, the Chicago Police Department has been rolling out reforms, new equipment and training initiatives for the last two years to better prepare officers to handle situ...

Mayor Rahm Emanuel spoke about directing the budget towards police training, funding Chicago Public Schools and more during his Oct. 18 budget address at City Hall.

Emanuel unveils 2018 spending blueprint

October 20, 2017

New investments in law enforcement, job creation, public safety projects and education were highlighted in Mayor Rahm Emanuel's 2018 Budget Address at City Hall Oct. 18.Emanuel described the $114.2 mil...

Columbia student grows in the music industry

Columbia student grows in the music industry

September 18, 2017

Growing up in a suburb outside of Detroit, Anna Agosta sang her first solo in her school’s annual Christmas concert at 5 years old. Since that performance and many others, the 21-year-old boasts numerous achievements, including her April 20 first place victory at Columbi...

Chicago Police Superintendent Eddie Johnson spoke at the Chicago Bar Association’s event series on Feb. 28.

CPD Superintendent shoots down Trump accusations

March 6, 2017

Crime rates are down 60 percent in the 7th police district and 40 percent in the 11th district since the start of 2017—which include Englewood and Harrison, two of the five most dangerous neighborhoods ...

Editor's Note: School of Media Arts buries its lead

Editor’s Note: Administrators’ downfall will be overcontrolled communication

February 6, 2017

Columbia often preaches transparency and the importance of communicating to all stakeholders, but when it comes to major happenings in and outside the college, this semester is off to a shaky start....

The world isn’t ready for a transgender thriller

'A Dog's Purpose' is not being a prop

By Managing Editor

January 30, 2017

Originally titled "Tomboy: A Revenger's Tale"—which is perhaps the worst name for a movie ever—"The Assignment" premiered last year at the Toronto Film Festival and released its first trailer Jan. 23. Th...

CPD should work from the top down to strengthen relationships

By Editorial Board

January 23, 2017

A tased 65-year-old naked woman, young men being deliberately dropped off in rival gang territory and teenagers facing the barrel of a gun while riding their bikes are only a few of the examples listed in a damning 164-page report the Department of Justice released Jan. 13, which accused the Chicago Police Department of systematically violating Chicagoans’ civil rights.CPD Superintendent Eddie Johnson and Mayor Rahm Ema...

Chicago Police Superintendant Eddie Johnson addesses the questions brought up by members of Youth For Black Lives meeting at Experimental Station, 6100 S. Blackstone Ave. Jan. 17.

CPD Superintendent addresses student activists concerns

January 23, 2017

With only days notice to find a new location and a battle over a public or private meeting, a local teen activist group and community members were able to openly speak with Chicago Police Department Supe...

Chicago Voices and the Lyric Opera of Chicago will be hosting master classes for aspiring vocalists at Columbia Feb. 2–4.

Columbia to host Chicago Voices, Lyric Opera master classes

January 23, 2017

Columbia will be hosting a weekend of music events reflecting the diversity of Chicago’s communities and produced by Chicago Voices, a collaborative initiative of the Lyric Opera of Chicago for students a...

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