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‘Tag’ not as fun as I remember

By Micha Thurston

June 26, 2018

Watching a group of men play a game of tag sounds like it could be an entertaining idea. But when there are too many characters who lack development and redundant subplots, the film drags on for 30 minutes too long.“Tag,” directed by Jeff Tomsic and released June 15, tells the kind of "best buds’"story that has become a staple of the big screen. The movie relies on stock characters and stereotypes for laughter: ‘Hoagie,’ played b...

Entrance into the Cannabis Industry

By Sponsored Content

June 14, 2018

I have a chronic medical condition that is currently being successfully treated with medical cannabis. Although this may seem cool, it has been an inconvenience, given where I go to school. Additionally, I have had some issues in my dorm. I understand that, eventually, I will have to move to another state. Nevertheless, my condition and what I am learning in college are inspiring me to get into the cannabis industry. What parts of t...

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