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The 2019 edition of Echo, a magazine produced in a course offered by the Communication Department each spring semester. The 2020 edition of Echo will still be printed, despite the coronavirus pandemic and campus closures.

Echo magazine balances timelines and deadlines during pandemic

May 6, 2020

When Colin Lenburg, a senior cinema art and science major and section editor at Echo magazine, learned campus buildings were closing due to the coronavirus, he was “pissed.” “I was like, 'A...

'Siri, do everything!' The future of the interconnected world

‘Siri, do everything!’ The future of the interconnected world

November 28, 2016

Like something out of “WALL-E,” smart gadgets and gizmos are poised to invade every aspect of life, leaving some fearful of a dystopian nightmare and others excited for an automated future. While n...

How-to: Be Funny

March 3, 2014

Ask anyone what they look for in a significant other and they'll probably say a sense of humor. But how does one develop comedic chops? Sophomore theater major Sarah Perry shared six key steps to being ...

While you were out

By Ivana Hester

September 10, 2012

Columbia College doesn’t stop getting recognized while students are away on summer vacation. Here’s what you missed while you were out.Hair TriggerHair Trigger, the Fiction Writing Department’s literary magazine, received a gold medal for its 34th issue from the Columbia Scholastic Press Association. Since its third issue in 1979, which also received first prize from the CSPA, the magazine has received a total of 30 a...

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