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Trevor Hall is currently on his A Night In The Village Tour coming to Evanston SPACE Feb. 23–24

Trevor Hall is all about ‘simple qualities’

February 19, 2018

Trevor Hall is a man of mysticism. Born on an island in South Carolina and penning his first album at 16, Hall is passionate about music and his conduit for healing the Earth and the human spirit. His s...

About fUGGin’ time

By Sophia Coleman

November 5, 2012

Sorry sorority girls, but I’ve heard glorious news: The era of UGG boots may finally be coming to an end.The company reported Oct. 25 that sales are down 31 percent and it plans to slash prices. A pair of the sheepskin atrocities currently costs between $135–$200, a hefty price for marshmallow-shaped feet soaked in winter slush.“The worst is yet to come,” Sam Poser, an analyst at brokerage firm Sterne Agee, told the Huffington Post ...

Earth, worms, rats feed off compost

By Lisa Schulz

November 14, 2011

Earth wasn’t the only consumer benefiting from Columbia’s compost project launch in August 2011. Rats were also curious to explore the mix of fresh sandwich scraps, apple cores, leaves, soil and coffee grounds. But as winter arrives, critters shouldn’t.The Recycling Outreach Program’s new compost project was first put into action at Columbia events, like new student Convocation. College cafes were added to the food wa...

Healthy sexuality takes proper education, self reflection

By AmberMeade

November 1, 2010

I can’t recall any moment I learned about sex. I never received “the talk,” and attending Catholic school for six years wasn’t helpful on that subject.  All I remember from elementary school “sex ed” was learning about a woman’s monthly cycle one year too late. In my all-girl high school, an attractive man was invited to speak to an assembly about abstinence. My female peers drooled over him afterward as he p...

The uncertainty of knowing

By The Columbia Chronicle

October 5, 2009

Consider before Kepler, Copernicus and Newton, contemporary science taught that the Earth was the center of the universe and before that, it was flat. This very fact of the development of knowledge over time is at the heart of the collision of fact, faith or whether either one accurately describes human knowledge.For example, high school educator Danny Pennington is a staunch supporter of creationism in biology curriculum, a ...

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