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Students intrigued by Dwight Lofts' new neighbor: the Church of Scientology

Students intrigued by Dwight Lofts’ new neighbor: the Church of Scientology

October 9, 2019

Junior filmmaking major Aaron Biggers, who lived in the Dwight Lofts for the 2018–2019 academic year, was curious to find out what was happening next door after passing by the construction. Biggers eventually le...

Outer Minds takes Pitchfork audience to another era

By Sophia Coleman

July 17, 2012

By  Heather Schröering & Sophia ColemanGet ready to pile into the old Volkswagen Transporter because Chicago’s Outer Minds are always ready to take you on a trip straight back to the flower-filled, dreamtastic decade of the The Sixties. And that’s exactly what they did at their first-ever Pitchfork Music Festival performance on July 13 for a crowd of more than 100.The five-member band—which was born more than two ...

First time filmmaker misses the mark

By Drew Hunt

June 16, 2011

Making his feature-length debut, writer-director Gavin Wiesen delivers a coming-of-age tale that feels like it’s been told too many times before. Enlisting the help of young stars Freddie Highmore and Emma Roberts, Wiesen’s depiction of a wayward youth is trite in design. It revels in the kind of idealization we all possessed as teens but melted away as soon as we were mature enough to realize that there are real problems ...

Communication, policies cited in Dwight RA losses

By Samuel Charles

April 18, 2011

Ten students have vacated their positions as resident assistants in Columbia’s newest student residence center, The Dwight, since the start of theacademic year.Communication issues disputed employment practices and between the Office of Residence Life and former resident assistants worsened the workingenvironment and were some reasons for the departures, according to students who’ve recently vacatedthe position.Columbia...

Moving out, moving up

By CiaraShook

April 18, 2010

Students living in Columbia’s five different residence facilities opened their mailboxes last week to find a pamphlet from Residence Life that gave housing options for the 2010-2011 academic year. On the pamphlet, students found a new option, The Dwight, which will replace the 2 E. 8th Street Building and 18 E. Congress Parkway.Columbia’s decision to house students in The Dwight, 642 S. Clark St., isn’t shortsighted. The college en...

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