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Starbucks isn’t the problem, America is

By Editorial Board

April 28, 2018

Fitting the stereotypes put on many of its customers, Starbucks is the performative ally that says it’s against racism as it gentrifies neighborhoods.After two black men were arrested in a Philadelphia Starbucks April 12 for not ordering anything from the store while waiting for a friend, the coffee chain was the target of demonstrations, protesting discriminatory treatment that was obvious even to loyal patrons. The scr...

Supporting Austin bombings’ victims means addressing racism

By Editorial Board

April 2, 2018

After mass violence, do we remember the victims or the perpetrators?A string of bombings beginning March 2 in Austin, Texas, terrorized the community. Of the seven explosive devices authorities connected to suspect Mark Anthony Conditt, three detonated in East Austin, home to the majority of the city’s black and Latino residents. The first three bombs were hand delivered to the victims’ homes, killing two men and injuring o...

The Congress Parkway Bridge and the Civic Opera House  have new plans to redesign the unused space.

Chicago preparing for major Riverwalk expansion

September 25, 2017

Chicago is planning to renovate three locations to further expand the city’s Riverwalk and is currently receiving public feedback to help select a design.The back of the Civic Opera House, the area...

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