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People of all ages come to Federal Plaza to protest recent bombings of Gaza Wednesday, Nov. 20.

Students for Justice in Palestine stage ‘die-in’ to protest civilian deaths in Gaza

November 25, 2019

“Rasmi al-Swarka, Yousra al-Swarka, Mariam al-Swarka, Mohammad al-Swarka.” These were only a handful of the names Students for Justice in Palestine member Mahmoud Awadallah shouted as he identified...

Professor, radio veteran gets her due

By Samuel Charles

November 22, 2010

Terri Hemmert, a longtime Chicago radio personality, Columbia adjunct faculty member and music advocate was inducted into the National Radio Hall of Fame on Nov. 6 in Chicago.Hemmert has worked at 93.1 WXRT-FM for more than three decades and has taught at Columbia for nearly as long. Currently, she teaches “Rock and Soul on the Radio: Roots” in the Radio Department.The National Radio Hall of Fame’s goal is to recognize...

Activists gather to oppose war violence

By LauraNalin

October 12, 2009

Students, activists and faculty gathered at a symbolic “die-in” on Oct. 7 to commemorate civilian lives lost in Afghanistan over the past eight years during the U.S. occupancy. The participants of the event volunteered to emulate dying by lying on the ground, giving the public a visual of the casualties that have taken place.Andy Keil/THE CHRONICLEThe volunteers were given white sheets to cover themselves as students read an...

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