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Chicago couple Amy Little and Lee Ravenscroft operate Working Bikes, a nonprofit that has donated more than 50,000 bikes worldwide since 1999. Bikes give residents of impoverished countries mobility and independence, Little said. 

Notable Native: Amy Little and Lee Ravenscroft

November 27, 2017

Amy Little and Lee Ravenscroft started Working Bikes in 1999, a nonprofit dedicated to recycling bicycles as well as supporting culture and both international and local bicycle projects. The married c...

No Trespassing: The Dangers and thrills of urban exploration

No Trespassing: The Dangers and thrills of urban exploration

November 6, 2017

As a curious child, Michael Kinsch was fascinated with hopping over fences to see what was on the other side. He often hung out at Chicago’s Damen Silos, an abandoned site encompassing multiple 15-st...

Dean Holdstein announces departure from Columbia

January 24, 2014

Deborah Holdstein, dean of the School of Liberal Arts & Sciences, recently announced she is stepping down from her position after seven years at Columbia. Suzanne Blum-Malley, associate professor of t...

Green with it, rock with it

By Sophia Coleman

December 10, 2012

Green is the new tangerine.I must hold some sort of authority over at Pantone, the trendsetter in color for the design industry, because in my Nov. 26 column, “Toxic, tempting fashion,” I said the 2012 color of the year should be Forest Green.  My dream is nearly coming true because Pantone announced Dec. 6 that the color of 2013 is emerald green.It’s unlikely this magnificent jewel-tone will inspire the eco-consci...

Upcoming summits stir excitement

By Aviva Einhorn

January 30, 2012

As Chicago prepares for this May’s NATO and G8 summits, city officials are trying to keep their focus positive and avoid worry about the potential consequences protests could present.Chicago organizations and institutions came together Jan. 25 at the Cultural Center, 78 E. Washington St., and disclosed plans to prepare residents for the summits, as well as initiatives to incorporate the international spirit into public prog...

Student wins ‘Quit to Win’ contest

By Lisa Schulz

November 28, 2011

Using a wave of black and red design to convey a message that most children can’t communicate, Elizabeth Salinas created a winning advertisement highlighting the dangers of parental secondhand smoke that is about to spread across Chicago.The senior art and design major won the “Quit to Win” anti-smoking design contest for the Chicago Tobacco Prevention Project, hosted by the Respiratory Health Association of Metropol...

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