The Columbia Chronicle

Environmental conference appeals to youth

By Brandon Smith

November 19, 2012

Nature enthusiasts from across the country gathered in Chicago on Nov. 15 to exchange ideas about how to make the citymore eco-friendly.The Chicago Wilderness Alliance, a group of regional environmental organizations, held its biannual congress at the University of Illinois at Chicago’s UIC Forum, 725 W. Roosevelt Road, where it hosted hundreds of panels on topics ranging from climate change and sustainable design to K-12...

Cursive writing becoming extinct

By Vanessa Morton

October 3, 2011

With technology of the 21st century constantly evolving, it’s no surprise that communication has become substantially easier. As computers continue to infiltrate our lives, keyboards and screens have replaced pen and paper. While technology has made everything more convenient, the art of writing may be at risk of being forgotten.This is a problem, as educational institutions across the United States no longer require their eleme...

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