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Columbia's summer study abroad courses have been canceled due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

BREAKING: Summer study abroad programs are latest casualty of travel restrictions

April 7, 2020

All of Columbia's Summer 2020 study abroad programs have been canceled, a decision made in light of the school's travel restrictions and the U.S. Department of State's "do not travel" advisory, which are ...

Orlando Pinder (left), director  for the 2019 practicum production of “Pegasus,” reviews footage on-set alongside student collaborators for the project. Practicum productions allow Cinema and Television Arts Department students to experience film sets similar to the industry before graduation, from production meetings to location scouting and set design.

Practicum film projects mimic showbiz, so don’t ‘expect a cakewalk’

January 31, 2020

The set of a practicum film at the college is fairly standard—under hot lights mounted six feet off the ground, production assistants zip through a jungle of cables, as production designers, occasio...

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Faculty Senate concerned about new student course planner

August 23, 2019

During the first Faculty Senate meeting of the Fall 2019 semester, the senate voiced concern over a new student academic planner planned for Fall 2020. The academic planner, uAchieve, is a tool f...

Hanna Hanson, a senior design major expressed her desires for the recently announced Student Center during the Student Government Association’s open forum on Nov. 17.

Students air must-haves for new campus center

November 23, 2015

Students envisioned giant ball pits, bowling alleys and a basketball court as part of the recently announced student center during the Student Government Association’s open forum held Nov. 17. The fo...

One section of Adjunct Professor Iymen Chehade’s “The Israeli-Palestinian Conflict” was not offered for the Spring 2016 Semester. During March 2014, he spoke at a forum about academic freedom.  

Previous dispute resurfaces after professor’s class cut

November 16, 2015

A section of adjunct professor Iymen Chehade’s “The Israeli-Palestinian Conflict” course was cut for the Spring 2016 Semester as of the beginning of registration. When the same course was cut in N...

Sony should have told customers about hack on day 1

By Luke Wilusz

May 9, 2011

Sony was recently caught up in the largest and most severe online security disaster this generation has ever seen, and the company has only made things worse by poorly handling it almost every step of the way.The trouble started on April 20 when Sony’s PlayStation Network servers were taken offline. Sony said the network was “down for maintenance” at the time. Rumors of a security breach began to circulate on blogs ...

Truth about online evaluations

By CiaraShook

March 29, 2010

At the conclusion of each semester, students who log into their Oasis accounts receive a notification about their course evaluations. The few who take time to complete these evaluations send the tabulation into the great abyss of the Internet.Most students continue studying for finals, but some may wonder where their evaluations go or how they are used.“I don’t see the point of it,” said Daniel Hill, sophomore music c...

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