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A panel of experts offer science-based information about the reality of returning to in-person school instruction during a pandemic, and why they believe remote instruction is the safe choice.

Dangers of return to in-person classes remains unmitigated, experts say

August 5, 2020

Three days ago Columbia had nearly 50% of Fall 2020 semester courses listed under in-person instruction and had what some considered insufficient ventilation for buildings in place. But as of Tuesday, th...

Darius Hampton (left) and Neil Tesser (right) host a virtual session for The Jazz Institute of Chicago's Straight Ahead Jazz Exchange.

Jazz Institute of Chicago hosts annual summer conference online amid pandemic

July 23, 2020

Chicago’s jazz scene has found itself at a standstill the last few months due to the coronavirus pandemic. Prominent venues such as The California Clipper in Humboldt Park have shut down, musician...

Roots Handmade Pizza offers an array of signature pizzas, including 3 vegetarian-friendly options.

Review: Roots’ pizza doesn’t have a ‘pizza’ my heart

July 22, 2020

The newly built, trendy two-story restaurant with patio seating and a retractable roof may distract you from what you are actually there for—the pizza. Until you take your first bite. Roots H...

Seven staffers laid off following termination of Columbia Online

Seven staffers laid off following termination of Columbia Online

July 17, 2020

After a May announcement that the program would be cut due to pandemic-related financial burdens on the college, the Columbia Online program concluded in June, resulting in staff layoffs. Lambrini Lu...

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