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Opinion: Christmas and consumerism cannot go hand-in-hand

Opinion: Christmas and consumerism cannot go hand-in-hand

December 1, 2019

The red bows on jewelry boxes, colored lights decorating store mannequins, giant Christmas trees in every corner of the mall—you have to admit, the holidays are a visually attractive time of the year. ...

What lies ahead

What lies ahead

By Amelia Garza

December 12, 2016

The years have dwindled down to months, then weeks, and now I’m approaching my last days as a Columbia student. I transferred here two and a half years ago, packing up everything I owned, spending all my...

Advertising to generate revenue

By Hallie Zolkower-Kutz

November 12, 2012

Mayor Rahm Emanuel introduced the Municipal Marketing Ordinance to the City Council on Oct. 31 that would create new advertising outlets around the city with the goal of generating $18 million in new revenue for the 2013 city budget.The ordinance calls for two initiatives to bring in revenue: the implementation of 34 digital billboards on expressways and advertising on almost 400 BigBelly trashcans downtown, according to an Oct. 3...

Consumerism overshadows Thanksgiving

By Lindsey Woods

November 21, 2011

It’s the middle of November and there are no sounds of turkeys gobbling—just sleigh bells ringing. There are no store windows displaying images of pilgrims sharing meals with Native Americans. Instead, there are only displays of Santa and his reindeer.I guess it makes sense that in one of the most materialistic countries in the world, a holiday based around buying gifts would overshadow one meant to give us time to giv...

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