The Columbia Chronicle

If Speakeasies Could Speak

By Luke Wilusz

April 9, 2010

In 1919, the United States went dry. For more than a decade, it was in direct violation of the federal law to throw back a drink after a hard day of work or have a few rounds at a party. Not that it stopped people from having a good time, of course. It was the era of bootleggers, speakeasies and the rise of the American gangster. The Chicago History Museum, 1601 N. Clark St., is hosting a monthlong series of events to cel...

Illinois to recognize Pluto as planet again

By Bethany Reinhart

March 16, 2009

Illinois legislators recently took time away from overtly pressing issues to pass a resolution that reestablishes Pluto as the ninth planet-at least in Illinois.On Feb. 26, the state senate voted in favor of reinstating Pluto's planetary status. The resolution came in response to a 2006 ruling by the International Astronomical Association that reclassified Pluto as a dwarf planet instead of a full-fledged planet.In a stat...

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