The Columbia Chronicle

Activists started marching from Millennium Park to Federal Plaza, located on South Dearborn Street, where leaders gave speeches.

Chicago climate group rallies as U.N. discusses global environmental crisis

December 7, 2019

Lower temperatures did not stop Illinois Youth Climate Strike and the Sunrise Movement from organizing what they billed as their final strike in 2019. As world leaders were currently discussing the...

Climate strikes, scam emails and impeachment

Climate strikes, scam emails and impeachment

October 9, 2019 On this week's episode we discuss the ongoing climate strikes around the world, scam emails students have been receiving and the impeachment...

‘Just the beginning’: Youth strike for climate justice

September 20, 2019

From kindergarteners to college students, youth were at the helm of Chicago’s Sept. 20 march in the global climate strike to demand climate justice from leaders. “This isn’t a one day event ......

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