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Go tax yourself

By Managing Editor

February 24, 2014

By 2014 it’s pretty common knowledge that America is fat.The obesity rate has been ballooning for years, people aren’t getting enough exercise and First Lady Michelle Obama has made it her personal crusade to convince kids to eat their veggies. The current state of physical health in the U.S. is laughable, but the nation’s Body Mass Index is ultimately determined by its citizens, not its government.In Illinois’ late...

Editor’s Note: The importance of integrity

By Heather Scroering

December 10, 2012

Growing up, integrity was a value that many of my mentors impressed upon me. Part of my high school’s mission is “Integrity matters,” and the phrase was printed in every classroom and often spoken during announcements. Being honest with my family was the number one rule at home, and I’ve always carried my mother’s words with me: “At the end of the day, your integrity is all you’ve got.”Being honest is gener...

Top tier admins tiff over territory

By Heather Scroering

February 27, 2012

As the prioritization process moves up the hierarchy for approval, two higher ups have been jousting about the future of Columbia—specifically how the college should be marketed and who should do it.The war of the words began Feb. 1 when Mark Kelly, vice president of Student Affairs, filed his summary of recommendations for ranking programs in his unit as part of the yearlong prioritization process. Along with Kelly, all vice ...

Gala celebrates LGBT progress

By Kaley Fowler

February 17, 2012

Dressed to the nines and eager to celebrate their progress, LGBT advocates attended Equality Illinois’ annual “Justice for All” gala Feb. 11 at the Chicago Hilton, 720 S. Michigan Ave., to show their support for the gay rights movement.This year’s gala emphasized Equality Illinois’ agenda by focusing on the accomplishments in securing gay rights on both state and federal levels.Equality Illinois, the state’s oldest ...

Students, faculty, alumni perform Columbia’s first charitable cabaret

By Lisa Schulz

February 13, 2012

Under a dimmed chandelier, surrounded by a piano and chairs, hopeful students, faculty and alumni stepped onto a small stage to belt out adventurous songs in an effort to attract scholarship funds.“An Evening of Cabaret: Journeys and New Beginnings” was the first fundraiser for the Betty Garrett Musical Theatre Scholarship held Feb. 4 in Studio 404 of the Theatre Building, 72 E. 11th St. The scholarship, established i...

Separation of Church and State

By Vanessa Morton

November 7, 2011

by Samantha Bohner, Contributing WriterSame-sex couples may have a harder time adopting and fostering children if a proposed bill is passed in the Illinois Senate.Sen. Kyle McCarter (R-Decatur) proposed Senate Bill 2495 on Oct. 12, that would amend the state’s Illinois Religious Freedom Protection and Civil Union Act to allow religious organizations like Catholic Charities, a global network of charity groups, to turn down an...

Not quite equal rights

By Darryl Holliday

December 6, 2010

In the wake of the vote to legalize civil unions, many residents are looking ahead to the future of LGBTQ rights in Illinois.If Gov. Quinn signs the legislation early next year as he has said he will, same sex couples will have the opportunity to have their unions recognized by the state in June 2011. This comes after a long struggle from many groups and individuals in the region to obtain equal rights for the LGBTQ community. B...

Reaching equality for Illinois

By SpencerRoush

December 6, 2010

Gay couples in Illinois won’t have to wade through their existence with little to no government recognition of their partnership because of a piece of legislation passed by the state Senate involving civil unions on Nov. 30.While granting civil unions isn’t the same as the status symbol of a marriage socially or economically, it’s a start.  The passage of this bill will also affect a large number of LGBTQ Columbia students who would rathe...

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