The Columbia Chronicle

Old tune for a new Uptown

By Heather McGraw

March 14, 2011

An idea that originated in the 1970s is gaining traction with Mayor-elect Rahm Emanuel and others giving the Uptown neighborhood a new face and title as the city’s primary music district.In an interview on WXRT-FM on March 2, Emanuel briefly mentioned turning Uptown into a music district similar to the theater district of the downtown area.Many advocates for the project believe it will kick start revitalization for the n...

Remembering Jim Sulski

By The Columbia Chronicle

January 9, 2010

Jim Sulski, the veteran Columbia journalism educator under whose benevolent but tough-minded tutelage The Chronicle gained national recognition among college newspapers, died on Thursday, Jan. 7.Sulski, 52, an associate professor in the Journalism Department and Chronicle adviser for 15 years, passed away in his South Side home after a long struggle with cancer.An easy-going man whose amiable nature masked a keen devotion ...

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