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Super Gonorrhea

By Emily Fasold

January 23, 2012

Contracting gonorrhea has never been a welcome experience, but a new, untreatable strain of the disease that surfaced in Japan has made it even more problematic.The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reported that a new strain of gonorrhea, a disease once easily treated with antibiotics, has evolved into a “superbug” that is unresponsive to all known treatments.“This is an enormous public health issue because ...

New tools for Chicago’s literary community

By Luke Wilusz

November 29, 2010

Chicago has a large, thriving literary community with an abundance of blogs, zines, reading series and other assorted events to support it. Now the city is stepping up to provide local writers with two new resources to help them further their careers.On Nov. 9, the city of Chicago’s Department of Cultural Affairs debuted two new websites— and a new literary section at—w...

Beer with lime leaves mark

By J_Howard

November 8, 2010

You may want to be cautious next time you grab a beer with a lime. If the circumstances are right, spilling the beer on skin can cause “Mexican beer dermatitis,” according to a case report presented in Archives of Dermatology.This condition is caused by the lime juice in the beer reacting with sunlight on the skin. It can create a streaky red or brown rash, causing burning or itching. In serious cases, this can look like a ...

Haunting Mexican folklore comes to life in lecture

By BenitaZepeda

October 12, 2009

Each culture has unique stories that are passed down orally from generation to generation. In Mexican culture, one story that is often interpreted many different ways is the story of La Llorona:The Weeping Woman.“La Llorona: The Weeping Woman: The Sixth Portent, The Third Legend,” was hosted by the Cultural Studies Program and the Chicago Department of Cultural Affairs on Oct. 7.  This was the first lecture of Intersections...

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