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The Nick Mazzarella Trio play

Chicago jazz band Nick Mazzarella Trio thrives in local music scene

November 16, 2015

Chicago's Nick Mazzarella Trio has made a mark on the city's jazz scene by playing on local radio stations and music shows since the band formed in 2008. The trio—including Nick Mazzarella, who play...

Jerel Ballard, Student Government Association president and junior journalism major, said while it is sad to leave SGA, he is excited to pursue his end goals.

SGA President steps down

November 16, 2015

Tears were shed by the Student Government Association’s executive board during its Nov. 10 meeting at The Loft, 916 S. Wabash Ave., after SGA President Jerel Ballard announced he would resign from his ...

Outer Minds takes Pitchfork audience to another era

By Sophia Coleman

July 17, 2012

By  Heather Schröering & Sophia ColemanGet ready to pile into the old Volkswagen Transporter because Chicago’s Outer Minds are always ready to take you on a trip straight back to the flower-filled, dreamtastic decade of the The Sixties. And that’s exactly what they did at their first-ever Pitchfork Music Festival performance on July 13 for a crowd of more than 100.The five-member band—which was born more than two ...

Health care for restaurant workers would benefit all

By Eleanor Blick

October 11, 2010

“A cobb salad with a side of common cold and a Southwestern wrap with strep throat sauce, please.”In the past year, almost two-thirds of restaurant employees worked while sick, according to a report published on Sept. 30 by Restaurant Opportunities Centers United. The study described people sneezing on food, crouching behind counters to blow their noses and supervisors having little sympathy for sick workers. Some of th...

Makeshift Prodigy creates diverse musical styles

By Colin Shively

September 13, 2009

The Chicago band scene is eclectic, yet within the local music scene, some bands have adopted their own musical style to represent multiple genres—Makeshift Prodigy is one of those bands.Made up of five members, Joe Bauer (drums), Jake Foy (lead guitar), Anthony Bagnara (vocals), Brandon Fox (ambient keyboards) and Dave Fister (bass), who have created their own musical environment and culture that is put on stage for the ...

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