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Equality at work

By Vanessa Morton

September 6, 2011

Rep. Mike Quigley, D.-Ill., showed his support for the LGBTQ community at a briefing that discussed different aspects of the federal Employment Non-Discrimination Act, which was reintroduced and passed by the House of Representatives on April 6 and is currently stalled in the Senate.First introduced more than three decades ago, the proposed bill focuses on discrimination in the workplace by making it illegal to fire, refus...

Dirty, boozin’ blues-rock

By Luke Wilusz

May 3, 2010

Local rockers The Dirty Rooks have brought their riotous brand of “booze-rock” to pubs and clubs across Chicago since 2006. With their recent album, “Sugar Mama,” they aim to capture some of the energy they exude during their live performances. The Chronicle talked to drummer Nathan Urqhuart about the band’s history and style.The Chronicle: How did The Dirty Rooks first come together as a band?Nathan Urqhuart: The band actually star...

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